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The facilities available are as per the nursing standard norms formulated by the I.N.C. which will facilitate to mould the students to become the fully fledged nurse both theoretically and skillfully.

The facilities are as follows.
I The land is provided by Government of Karnataka
II College building: It was constructed in the year 1959. The building area is 77450Sq. And containts 10 blocks and 3 floors. The building is sufficient to run the classes as per the I.N.C. The college building is located near the main teaching hospital premises and there is enough space for the expansion in case of future need.
III Physical facilities available


Location of departments and floor area allotted to each department.

For teaching                        No                     Capacity of seats

Lecture hall
Seminar hall/room                01                     50 students
Demonstration hall               01                     50 students
Museum                             01                      50 students
Laboratory                          08
Auditorium                          01                     1200 seats arrangements



Audio Visual Equipment Type


TV                                      02 
Slide projector                     01
VCP                                   01
OHP                                   01 

Visual aids

Anatomy & Physiology charts
Microbiology charts
Nutrition charts
OBG Charts
Community health nursing charts

Models:- Anatomy & Physiology
Community health nursing,


The laboratory area is 10,181 Sp.ft. The students are provided with different laboratory facilities to develop skills and use it in their practical aspect.
They are as follows.

  1. Fundamental of nursing
  2. Nutrition
  3. Community health nursing
  4. Obsteteic nursing
  5. Microbiology
  6. Anatomy
  7. Physiology
  8. Bio-chemistry

Facilities available for staff

Staff                                      No of Rooms
1. Principal room                      01
2. Faculty room                        06
3. Office room                          01


The library is well equipped with different types of documents such as
Audio cassettes
Video cassettes
It has the reading capacity for number of students.

Sports facilities

For over all development of the student, there are both outdoor and indoor games facilities.

Hospital and Cllinical Facilities.

The student avail their clinical experience from the Medical college Hospital that is Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli. Which is within the campus and contains the bed strength of 790 with all the departments such as

  • Medical ward
  • Surgical Ward
  • ENT ward
  • Ophthalmic Ward
  • Orthopaedics Ward
  • T.B. Clinic
  • Medicine ward
  • OBG ward
  • Dental Ward
  • Paediatrics Ward
  • Skin & STD Ward
  • Epidemology Ward
  • Urban Leprosy
  • Minor OT
  • Major OT
  • PPC
  • MS ward (Female)
  • Gynae Ward
  • Special Ward (F)
  • Special ward (M)
  • Casulity emergency
  • ICU Ward
  • ICCU Ward
  • VIP Room
  • F.W. OT
  • Main Medical Store
  • Kitchen
  • Dhobi Ghat
  • ID Ward
  • Ped. Ward
  • P.T.O.
  • H.F.W.T.C.
  • CMO
  • Emergency & Minor OT
  • Biochemistry Lab
  • Dialysis unit
  • Nephrology & Cardiology ward
  • X-Ray Dept.
  • ANC & LSCS Ward
  • Post natal ward
  • NICU
  • Labour room
  • Gynaec. OT
  • Sub store
  • Ortho Male ward & Female ward
  • Surgical Male &Female Ward
  • Anaeasthesia Ward
  • Medical ICU
  • ENT & Eye O.T
  • C.S.S.D.
  • Blood Bank

Student Amenities

There are separate hostel facilities for female student nurses and male student nurses within the campus which is well equipped with the student rooms, kitchen room, dining room, prayer hall, study room, visiting hall.

Transporation facilites

The student are provided with the college bus to undergo training in some specialized field Eq: Community health Nursing, Educational tours etc…

Other Facilities

There is a Bank And post office, public phone booth within the campus.