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  1. A Comparative study of pulmonary function tests in body builders and controls in and around Hubli city.  - Dr. S.C. Hiremath, Dr. S.L. Karne.
  2. Effect of 3-5 years of tobacco chewing on cardio-respiratory fitness using treadmill. - Dr. Sampath, Dr. K.F. Kammar
  3. A Comparative study of ECG changes following exercise and few of the cardiovascular autonomic functions between normal and congenitally deaf school children in Hubli city. - Dr. Surekharani . C and Dr. B.C. Vastrad.
  4. Effect of Shavasana on Pulmonary and Autonomic function Tests in Young, Uncomplicated Asthamatics. - Dr. Chandrashekar K.A. and Dr. K.F. Kammar
  5. Study of some Physiological variations of visual reaction time, auditory reaction time and tactile reaction time in normal subjects in Hubli city. - Dr. Sunitha B.Kalyanshetti and Dr. B.C. Vastrad.
  6. A Comparative study of Lung functions in obese and normal individuals in and around Hubli city. - Dr. Naveen S. Kotur. Dr. S.L. karne
  7. A Comparative study of Cardio-respiratory efficiency in normal & Type-2 Diabetes individuals in KIMS, Hubli. - Dr. Jnaneshwar P.Shenoy, Dr. B.C. Vastrad
  8. A Study on Pulmonary function tests in Cotton mill workers.- Dr. Anupama Desai and Dr. B.C. Vastrad.
  9. A Study on Pulmonary function tests in Swimmers. - Dr. Basavaraj .R. and Dr. S.L. Karne
  10. A Study on Mukhbastrika, type of Pranayama on reaction time in male subjects in KIMS, Hubli. - Dr. Shashikala G.V. and Dr. V.S. Baljoshi
  11. ECG changes in non-pregnant females with iron deficiency anaemia in kims, Hubli - Dr. V. Khode and Dr. K.F. Kammar
  12. A study of autonomic function tests and reaction time during different phases of menstrual cycle. - Dr. Christina and Dr. K.F. Kammar
  13. Evaluation of pulmonary function tests in scoliosis. - Dr. Muniyappanavar and Dr. P.D. Dixit
  14. A study lipid profile changes in smokers. - Dr. Shivayogappa T. and Dr. P.D. Dixit
  15. Haematological and enzymatic changes in short term alcoholics. - Dr. Malathy T. and Dr. N. Puranik
  16. Study of lipid profile and haematological changes in post menopausal women. - Dr. Madhavi K. and Dr. K.F. Kammar.
  17. Influence of different phases of menstrual cycle on blood parameters - Dr. Vijayashree B.H. and Dr. V.S. BalajoshI