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Teaching Programs

1. Undergraduate 2. Post-graduate

1. Undergraduate curriculum – objectives:

The student after completing the course in Pharmacology will be able to:

  •  Understand the general principles of drug action and the handling of drugs by the body.
  •  Select and prescribe suitable drug(s) according to the need of the patient for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common ailments.
  •  Foresee, recognize, prevent and manage adverse drug effects.
  •  Know the Essential Drugs & prescribe the same as per the patient’s need.
  •  To have knowledge of drug interactions & avoid simultaneous use of drugs resulting in harmful interaction(s)
  •  Judiciously use rational drug combinations in the best interest of the patient.
  •  Be aware of the contribution of both drug and non drug factors in the outcome of treatment.
  •  Appreciate the essential drug concept and translate it in terms of drug needs for a given community.
  •  Judiciously use “over the counter” drugs and be aware of ill effects of social use of intoxicants. 
  •  Exercise caution in prescribing drug(s) likely to produce dependence and be aware of treatment strategies for drug dependence.
  • Be aware of the drug treatment guidelines laid down for diseases covered under National Health Programs.
  •  Prescribe drug(s) for the control of fertility.
  •  Be aware of possible adverse effects of drugs on the fetus while treating pregnant women.
  •  Be aware of the age related factors while prescribing treatment in relation to infant/children/geriatric patients.

2. Post-graduate curriculum – objectives:

The aim & goal of P.G. medical education shall be to produce competent specialists and/or medical teachers.

  •  The aim & goal of P.G. medical education shall be to produce competent specialists and/or medical teachers.
  •  Who shall recognize the health needs of the community & carry out professional obligations ethically & in keeping with the objectives of the national health policy & world health organization.
  •  Demonstrate sufficient understanding of the basic sciences relevant to the concerned specialty.
  •  Who shall be aware of contemporary advances & developments & be research oriented in the field of Pharmacology.
  •  Who shall have acquired basic skills in teaching of the medical & paramedical professionals.