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Oral colonization of candida in neonates: speciation and antifungal susceptibility testing.

Dr. Shyamala K. Shettar. Dr. Asha Patil.

Detection of AmpC and  metallo betalactamases producing Nonfermenting gram negative bacilli from clinical samples.

Dr. Thipperudraswamy T. Dr. Shobha Nadagir.

Community and Hospital Acquired Gram Negative uropathogens: Microbiological profile, ESBL and AMP-C beta Lactamase production

Dr. Santhosh. B. Gadadavar   Dr. Asha Patil

Diagnosis of Dengue virus infection by Immunchromatograpgic card test for NS1 antigen detection and  MAC ELISA for IgM antibody

Dr. Asma Biradar   Dr. Maheshkumar S.

Speciation and antifungal susceptibility of Candida isolated from cutaneous candidiasis

Dr. R. Bharathi, Dr. Asha Patil

Role of Detection of IgA specific antibody and cag A Gene in the Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori  infection

Dr. Mamta Jawa, Dr. Shobha Nadagir.

Study of Lancefield serogroups of beta hemolytic streptococci causing skin and soft tissue infection including acute pharyngitis.

Dr. Trupti B Naik, Dr. Shobha D. Nadagir.

Candida in pulmonary tuberculosis

Dr. Namratha W.N.,  Dr. R. Bharathi.

Evaluation of metalo B Lactomase  Production  by Nonfermenting  Gram negative  bacilli.

Dr. Tipperudraswamy, Dr. Maheshkumar. S.

Catheter associated urinary tract infections: etiology, antibiotic susceptibility & ESBL production.

Dr. Santhosh, Dr. Asha Patil, Dr. Shobha Nadagi

Cephalosporin resistance: challenges in providing appropriate and effective treatment protocols.

Dr. Asha Patil, Dr. Shobha Nadagir, Dr. Shyamala Shettar.

Microbiological profile in urinary tract infections.

Dr. Pramod Sambrani,  Dr. Asma Biradar.