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1)   Prevalence of  HIV  infection among blood donors in North Karnataka.

S.S. Tallur,  A.P.Shahapurkar,  B.V.S. Krishna.

IJMM.  1997; 15 (3): 123-125.

2)   Multidrug Resistant Salmonella typhi in Hubli

Shobha Nadagir, Krishna, Halesh, S.S.Tallur.

IJMM.  1998; 16 (4):185.

3)   IgM estimation & CRP detection in Neonatal  septicemia

Krishna, Shobha  Nadagir, S.S.Tallur.

IJPM. 2000; 43 (1): 35-40

4)   Clinico bacteriological study of  Neonatal septicemia in Hubli.

S.S.Tallur, A.V.Kasturi, Shobha Nadagir, Krishna.

Indian Journal of  Peadiatrics.  2000; 67 (3) : 169-174.

5)   Subconjunctival dirofilariasis in India.

Shobha Nadagir, S.S.Tallur, Halesh, Krishna

Southeast Asian J.Trop Med. Public Health 2001:32 ( 2) : 244-246

6)  Incidence of V.cholerae  serogroup 0139 infection with low virulenc in Hubli.

Krishna, Asha Patil, Shobha Nadagir, M.R. Chandrasekhar.

IJPM. 2003;  46 (1): 142-144

7)   False positive widal test in Malaria.

Shobha Nadagir, V  Nambiar, Halesh.

Indian practitioner.   2004;  57 ( 8): 507-510

8)   CA- MRSA infection in a South Indian city

Krishna,  Asha Patil, M.R. Chandrasekhar.

Southeast Asian J.Trop Med. Public Health 2004; 35( 2): 371-374

9)    Bacteriological profile of CSOM with Pseudomonas as the prime pathogen

M.R .Chandrasekhar,  Krishna, Asha Patil.

Ind. Jr. of  Otology. 2004; 10:10-13

10)   Fluoroquinolone resistant V. cholera isolated during a cholera outbreak

in India. Krishna, Asha Patil, M.R.Chandrasekhar.

Transaction of  the royal society of Tropical medicine. 2006;100(3):224-226

11)   Neonatal sepsis by Salmonella enterica serovar weltevreden

Asha Patil, Krishna, M.R.Chandrasekhar.

Southeast Asian J.Trop Med. Public Health2006;  37 (6):1175-1178

12)   MRSA infections – Implications In Hospital  infection control

Krishna, Asha Patil, M.R.Chandrasekhar.

Indian Journal of public health. 2007;  5  (1) : 43-46

13)   ESBL producing K. pneumonia in NICU

Krishna, Asha Patil, M.R.Chandrasekhar.

Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2007; 74 (7) :627-630

14)   Listeria Monocytogenes meningitis an uncommon opportunistic

infection in  HIV.  Asha Patil, Shobha Nadagir, M.R. Chandrasekhar,

Halesh, Mahesh.  IJPM. 2007;  50 (3): 671-673

15)   Significance of isolation & drug susceptibility testing of Non Candida albicans  species causing  oropheryngeal candidasis in  HIV patients

Shobha Nadagir, Sneha, Halesh, Yasmeen, M.R.Chandrasekhar.

Southeast Asian J.Trop Med. Public Health. 2008;39 ( 3): 492-495

16)   Changing characteristics of  V.cholerae

Emergence of  multidrug resistance & Non-01, Non-0139 serogroups

M.R.Chandrasekhar, Krishna, Asha Patil.

Southeast Asian J.Trop Med. Public Health. 2008;39 (6): 1092-1097.

17)   Virulence factors, Serotypes and Antimicrobial Suspectibility pattern of   Escherichia coli in Urinary Tract Infections.

Shobha D Nadagir  Yasmeen Kausar, Sneha K Chunchanur,.

Al Ameen J Med Sci. 2009; 2 (1):47-51

18)   Multidrug Resistant pathogens causing Neonatal septicaemia in a

Tertiary care Hospital in India

Asha patil, BVSKrishna, MRChandrasekhar

The Ind. Pract.  2009;  62 (4) : 233-238.

19)    Detection & antifungal susceptibility testing of oral C. dubliniensis  from HIV infected patients

Sneha, Shobha Nadagir, Halesh.

IJPM.  2009;   52 (4):  501-504.

20) Chromoblastomycosis due to Cladosporium carrionii

Namratha.  N,  Shobha Nadagir,   Mamatha Kale, Ravi Rathod

Journal of Laboratory Physicians. 2010 ;  2 (1):47 – 48

21)   Corynebacterium mucifaciens causing peritonsillitis.

Mahesh kumar S, Shobha D Nadagir, Madhusudhan N.S, Syeda Fasiha Mohammadi

The Journal of the Academy of Clinical Microbiologists. 2010;  12   ( 1) : 34-36

22)   Prevalence of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase producing Enterobacteriaceae in Clinical specimens.

G.S. Ravi, B.V.S. Krishna, Namratha W. Nandihal, Asha B. Patil and

M.R. Chandrasekhar. Biomedicine.   2011;31 (1):78-83

23)  Comparison of Disc Diffusion Methods for the Detection of Extended-Spectrum

Beta  Lactamase Producing  Enterobacteriacease .

Ravi S Giriyapur, Namratha W Nandihal, Krishna B V S  Asha B Patil,

Chandrasekhar M R. Journal of Laboratory Physicians .   2011; 3 (1) :  33-36

24)  Prevalence of  Mycoplasma  pneumoniae  among HIV Infected Children.

Shobha D. Nadagir. Abdul Kaleem Bahadur Tipperudra Anantappa Shepur

Indian J Pediatr  2011;78 (4):430-434

25)  Correlation of Cefoxitin Disc Diffusion test and oxacillin disc diffusion test for detecting mec A  mediated oxacilli,  resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Madhusudhan NS,  Deepa S,  Shobha DN.

JPBMS 2011 ; 10 (2)  :1-2

26)  Increasing burden of hospital acquired infections: resistance to cephalosporin antibiotics among klebsiella and Escherichia coli

Asha Patil, B V S Krishna, M R Chandrasekhar.

JIMA.  2011;  109  (3): 158-160

27)  Correlation of CD4 Count and Diagnostic profile of cryptococcal Meningitis among HIV infected patients.

Madhusudhan NS, Shobha DN, Halesh LH, Manjunath AH,

Maheshkumar  S.  The Indian  Practitioner. 2011 ;  64 (8):479-482

Presentations at CME & Conferences

Dr. Shobha D. Nadagir.

1.       Inducible clindamycin resistance in Staphylococci  National Conference IDSI – 2008 Hyderabad.

2.      Chaired a session – Mycology  at  State IAMM KC at  Davanagere 2008.

3.      Chaired a session- at  State conference IAMM KC at  VIMS, Bellary 2011.

4.      Chaired  a session   on  Dengue infection IAMM  Karnataka chapter  conference on 12/6/2010 at SDM Medical College Dharwad.

5.      Prevalence of  Mycoplasma  pneumoniae  among HIV Infected Children. National conference  BHU Varanasi October 2011.

Dr. Asha Patil.

  1. High prevalence of ESBL producing bacteria in a tertiary care centre JNMC Belgaum, IAMM National conference, 2000.

2.     Neonatal sepsis caused bySalmonella welteverderm. IAMM Karnataka chapter Jan 2006 BLDEA’s Medical College Bijapur.

3.    Chaired  a session   on Malaria IAMM  Karnataka chapter  conference on 12/6/2010 at SDM Medical College Dharwad.

Dr. Maheshkumar.S..

1.    Two case reports of injection Abscess due to unusual organism. State  conf.  BLDEA’s Shri    B.M. Patil Medical College, Bijapur Jan-2006

2.      A   Prespective  study of the catheter hub & skin site as the portal of entry for Microorganisms causing catheter – Related sepsis in neonates.

At IX National conference of Hospital Society of India Feb- 15 to 18 2007 Govt. Medical College hospital Chandigar

Dr. Shyamala Shettar

“Oestrus ovis: A rare case of ocular myiasis”

Karnataka State Conference Bangalore Feb 2011.

Dr. Thiipperudraswamy. T.

Liver abscess by Salmonella typhimurium

Quarterly meet  IAMM-Chennai- May 2011.

Dr. Asma

Chryseobacterium meningosepticum causing bactermia

Karanata State conference Bangalore  Feb 2011.

Study of clinical and laboratory profile of  fever with

thrombocytopenia.  Karnataka state conference.

Bangalore  Feb 2012.

Dr. Santhosh B Gadadavar

A rare case of Primary Cutaneous Zygomycosis caused by Rhizomucor

Variabilis  in  an   immunocompetent host.  Karanata State conference

Bangalore  Feb. 2012.