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The department of Surgery at the KARNATAKA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCEINCES HUBLI was established in --1959------- by Professor DR .K.KRISHNAMURTHY. He was joined by Dr. M.N.CHANNABASAPPA-

At present the faculty consists of 4 Professors, 5 Associate Professors and

9 Assistant Professors. Now it is   headed by DR.B.S.MADAKATTI   as PROF.& HOD .

Surgical Seminar Hall

surgical seminar hall kims


Surgical ICU

surgical icu



At present, the department has  216  beds plus  15  beds in the Emergency Ward and 5  beds for burns and trauma patients.  Emergency ward patients are expected to be either discharged for follow up care or be transferred to the general wards within 72 hours. A separate suite of operating rooms is attached to the Emergency Wing. There are two well equipped operation theater complexes with 4 tables for major and minor surgeries.


The Department of Surgery considers the training of post graduates and medical student’s one of its highest priorities. The Department’s educational goals for graduate and undergraduate surgical medical education are accomplished by providing latest educational services, by implementing and evaluating educational innovations, and by conducting educational research to improve the quality of the medical education process. The Department endeavors to promote a positive and effective educational environment for faculty, surgical residents and medical students.

The Department's Post graduate Surgery program offers three years f clinical surgical training to postgraduates. The program is ideal for those who choose careers In Pediatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Neurosurgery, Oncology, CVTS Or Urology. The program's curriculum provides a broad-based experience in all surgical specialties, allowing the resident to participate in the care and treatment of patients with a diverse array of conditions. Basic topics that cover the principles for preoperative and postoperative care of the surgical patient serve as the curricula for the resident education program. Operative experience depends on the skills, abilities, and preferences of the resident. The teaching program includes recent advances, subject seminars, journal clubs, case discussions, audio-visual live telecasts from eminent hospitals of country. CMEs, live work shops.Department have conducted conferences at state ASI CHAPTER and under auspices of international college of surgeons duration 3 days recently. The department has clinical demonstration rooms, seminar room, golden jubilee hall and a huge auditorium of the college for its utility.


The Division of General Surgery supports several multi-disciplinary SERVICES  that do not fall under a specific discipline. The Surgery Program provides hope for person who have SURGICAL DISESES who cannot afford it due to poverty, our surgeons can give  them  a chance to live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life. We are committed to providing with the best care possible. Our program offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary team to help one to achieve and maintain health  goals with open surgeries..

Our specialists are experts in their fields and provide the experience, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm  that  patients deserve. We combine the diagnostic and treatment strengths of leading medical experts, including, PEDIATRIC surgeons, Neurosurgeons,urosurgeoens,  radiologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and oncologists, to unify state-of-the-art treatment options into personalized care. Partnering with the referring physician, we can provide the highest quality and greatest continuity of care for our patients.

THE DEPARTMENT IS PROVIDED WITH 216 BED 6 UNITS WITH 30 BEDS EACH .Yearly about 6000 ADMISSIONS WITH 90% OCCUPANCY ,1600 major surgeries,27150 minor surgeries are carried out.  . The department is equipped with advanced endoscopy unit, Pediatric .endoscopy, neuroendoscopy, video laparoscopy,ultra sonic scissor  with which we personalize the quality patient care with specialized surgical expertise, advanced medical education, innovative clinical research

With coopreration and unity the department is giving yomen services to the people of north Karnataka.

 Since its inception, the department has carried a brilliant history of having a host of eminent teachers as its faculty, numerous alumni who have glorified the name of this Institute, not only in our country but across the globe. It has been playing, and continues to play a major role in serving the society at large, not only in terms of providing tertiary health care services to the needy, but also by developing resources in terms of health care providers and researchers