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Department of medicine was started in the year 1957 under the leadership of Dr. Shadaksharappa aptly known as Bhismapitamaha of Medicine. Foundation for medical skills, teaching, bedside clinics and treatment were laid during his period.

Department of Medicine reached peaks during the period of Dr. N K Chennapa, who was known as Teacher of Teachers. Many of his students still remember his teaching skills and have reached highest academic excellence across the globe. There were many other great teachers like Dr. Mayya, Dr. Hegde, etc, who redefined the art of medicine.

Presently, Dr. H. Mallikarjunaswamy , Professor of Medicine is the Head of the Department and leads the galaxy of able teachers in the department .

The department is housed in the third floor of the hospital building with strength of 180 beds. The 20 bedded Emergency ward is well upgraded.

Seminar Hall Work Progress

 medicine seminar hall

 Totally 24 staff including 18 MD doctors are working under six units  - A to F .


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