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Dr. B. Vijayachandra


          1.      Doctor of Millennium                - 2000

          2.      Best Professor of Anatomy      - 2001

          3.      Ideal Doctor                            - 2002


       Dr Jawahar. Y. Kadam

a) Dr. Rai Krishna Mahanti Memorial GOLD MEDAL AWARD

National conference, Calcutta 1996 

" A modified easy technique for histological sectioning of undecalcified bone"

b) Karnataka Rajyotsava award Nov-2003(HDMC Hubli) Prashasti, Hubli

c) Dr G.V.Bhat Memorial prize best paper award

International Conference(CSEPI), Bangalore,September 2006

"Anthropometric studies on the erected penis of 50 healthy

men belongs to Hubli Area, Karnataka"

d) Dr (smt) S.Kantha Gold medal award for best Scientific paper published in Anatomica Karnataka journal, KCA Conference, Mysore May 2007

"An eye on the eyepiece of Compound microscope"

e) Donor of "Dr Kadam's Gold medal award" for best Histology paper presentation in KCA Conferences